How to get a bigger penis and does it really matters

Historic information reveals that exercises were being used as an easy way of penis enlargement many years ago. However, only recently serious medical research and clinical tests confirmed that penis exercises can certainly improve penis girth and length. Furthermore, the studies also discovered that the enhancement in penis size is not the only benefit of penis exercises.

A few advantages of these exercises are boosting your abilities to maintain harder and longer erections, increasing the quantity of semen you generate while ejaculating, managing your overall sexual performance, and, needless to say, the creation of a larger penis. All these effects can help to make your life much better: just visualize how confident you would be in case you knew that your member is bigger than normal and you are able to last longer in bed making your partner much happier than before. In this article, we will take a look at the different methods on how to get a bigger penis.

Suggestions to make your penis larger:

1. You are ingesting a minimum of 2.5 liters of water on a daily basis

2. You are getting a higher amount of vitamin and mineral supplement

3. You are keeping away from consuming meals after the evening time

4. You are strolling for no less than 60 minutes daily

5. You are consuming whey protein supplements

6. Jelqing is most probably the most vintage male enhancement method. It engages activities just like "milking" your penis to improve the amount of blood, which fills the Corpora Covernosa hence making the penis obviously bigger.

7. There are many types of penis stretch workouts; however, their fundamental code is exactly the same: stretch the tissues of your penis. Stretching aids in enhancing the length as well as girth of the penis.

8. Surgical penile enlargement often takes the form of implanting to increase the girth or severing of the ligament which fastens the bottom of the male organ to the pelvis for added length. This type of surgery is performed on a patient using universal anesthesia. As any other surgery, this can prove to be hazardous. The results are also not permanent. A common side effect of ligament severing is the incapability to control the erection of the penis. Sometimes during surgery, nerves might be detached and all the sensation in the penis can be lost completely.

10. Nonsurgical enlargement techniques are of different forms such as stretching manually, using mechanical machines or even attachment of weights and the use of vacuum pumps. Most of these involve the threat of severe damage and possible loss of sexual functionality if performed rudely. Moreover, the result is rarely remarkable.

11. Hand stretching, also known as jelqing, is definitely the most harmless method since an individual will possibly stop before injuring himself. Even though, there is no medical verification that it is effective for enlarging the member.

12. Traction by employing weights or mechanized devices can also increase the length of the penis to a certain extent. However, this is not a permanent solution and once the process is no longer carried out the penis will return to its earlier dimensions. Extreme traction can even tear the penile tissues and also damage the circulation of blood. This can result in loss of sensation, blemish, and some other types of serious health conditions.