How to turn friendship into romantic relationship?


Associate members is pleasant to touch, nice, soothing, calm, relaxed. Friendship is a relationship that has a nice communication, everything is flowing, there is no stress and no special pressure, everything is very easy - too easy.
Connection of the component members of the talks is central. There is a sense to tell all, open up, be visible, that Distance Learning, no stress, it's like a relationship between siblings.
romantic relationship

Romantic relationship is more strained relationship. The tension is in the air - both in a very strong sexual attraction but also in terms of stress, a sense of uncertainty and a feeling of fear mixed with excitement.
A relationship of mental and sexual attraction is central - not necessarily the talks. There is a strong sense of power and magic in the air, there is a feeling of addiction, insanity, madness, passion and emotional intensity. Emotional borders are opened, butterflies hover and strange things begin to happen.
Companies do not necessarily lead to romance

Friendship does not necessarily leads to a romantic relationship. Sex also does not make a friendship romantic. Many women make the mistake when they make contact with the male members in the hope that over time the relationship becomes romantic. When that does not happen - they go to bed with the man himself hoping that sex will cause the link to change and be more romantic, but sex does not make contact a romantic relationship, but different behavior.
Romantic relationship holds its own laws, and friendship is usually sufficient contact with no emotional strengths to become romantically involved. To link becomes Romantic act very differently friendship.

How to make a romantic relationship?

Romantic relationship based on uncertainty, fear, stress, and role-playing. A woman who wants to become romantically involved need to know to play the game Calculated in front of her man, to hide things from him, knowing how to avoid the man of her often, do not open or surrender him or lie to him but rarely, do not treat him in a motherly and worried, knowing sometimes Lhitalm from him and from time to time disappear has not always meet him and give him the feeling that he is not in control and you do not really own.
In a romantic relationship is the foundation of the relationship game, seduction, longing, fear of losing, sexuality implied, remoteness and lack of complete honesty between the parties, concealments, disappearance, double game with other men, jealousy, deception and lies.